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Frutificando Globalmente

Caros Colegas,

Começamos a frutificar na imprensa internacional:


Já podemos sentir que não estamos mais sozinhos.

Fruits to fight obesity

HYPERLINK "http://www.arabianbusiness.com/505046#comment-7126"Posted by
Elson Silva PhD, Campinas, Brazil on 4 December 2007 at 16:40 UAE time

Fruits are low in calories and highly nutritional already grown on
public places at increasing ratios to face obesity trends. Tree climbing
also can be a body exercise for children harvesting fruits.

Other countries can join us on a fight against global obesity.

In Brazil we are suggesting to increase fruit trees in the public area
and change our country to a large tropical orchard. Then, sidewalks,
squares, parks, roadsides will be plenty of free fruits bearing the most
delicious and appropriate food to fight obesity.

We believe Brazil can tackle obesity and be the leader on such fight. We
intend the rural area conquer the cities make it full of fruits.


Even carnivores can be convinced to eat more fruits:

Why not humans can eat fruits for their own good?

Saudações frutificantes,


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